Cant access the completed programming assessment

Hello Guys,

I have completed the Deep Learning Specialization in the last month but now I cant access the programming assessment as I want it for revision. Could you please advice why the access to the programming assignment is revoked after end of subscription? Is there a way to access and download the assessments on local drive or can I get some time to access the course material and download the assessment?

Also, I have seen most of the courses on coursera gets access to the courses even after end of subscription.

Please do help on this.


There is a topic about that on the FAQ Thread. The lectures remain available in perpetuity, but the assignments are behind the paywall: that means even if you have completed them, you still lose access once you stop paying. The correct thing to do would have been to download everything before you stopped paying, but it’s a little late for that now. Sorry, but that’s the way it works.

Thanks for clarifying the query.

There is one more important question here: if you start paying your subscription again, is it guaranteed that your completed work will still be there? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, because I’ve never been through that situation. I suppose it’s possible that they just erase your files when your subscription is cancelled. Since you were active so recently, I would certainly hope that is not the case, but I don’t definitively know. It is the case that work from before April 2021 was not preserved when the courses were updated in April 2021. The changes were radical enough that they could not preserve earlier work. That’s the only definitive thing I can say about whether student work is saved or not.

Yes, will pay the subscription and try to see whether the solution which I have written is preserved or not. If not, then I am happy to re-do the assignment :slight_smile: It will be a revision for me :smiley:

Thanks for putting forth this question and your view.

It would be helpful to know what you find out when you try this. Please let us know! It will enable us to give better answers in the future. Thanks!