Can't access assignments even after renewing the subscription

I have already completed the specialisation, with my previous subscription, however I have renewed my subscription for one more year through my organisation. But I still cannot access the programming assignment.
This is the message “Purchase a subscription to unlock this item.” but when I click “upgrade to submit” and get re-enrolled to the course, still I cannot access the assignment. appreciate if you can help me with this?

thanks !

Hi Hazhir,

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Hi @Mubsi could you please help Hazhir in getting access to this specialization. He has already renewed the subscription.


Hi @Rashmi & @hazhir,

All Coursera platform related issues, including subscriptions, fall under the umbrella of Coursera’s infrastructure. I’m afraid I cannot help you with it, except point you to Coursera support where you can get in touch with someone and they can resolve your issue.


Thanks for your kind response Mubsi.

@Coursera Support Team kindly, look into the matter. Thanks in advance.

@hazhir, you need to discuss this issue with Coursera’s learner help center. Please reach them out and the issue will be resolved.


@Rashmi I have contacted Courser’s learner help center, chat with them several times, they could not solve the problem on the fly. They supposed to escalate the problem and get back to me, but I have not heard from them since, very much appreciate if you can take this with them yourself.

They were saying that because I have finished the course under the previous subscription I cannot get access to the course assignments. While I was explaining that I have not paid only for one course, I had a subscription for one year to access all the courses under the subscription from my organisation (and I had access to all assignments before the subscription was ended even though I had finished the course). I renewed the same subscription so I have to get access to all the courses under the subscription as I have been charged for it regardless of whether I have finished the course or not.

Very well, Hazhir. I will try my best to resolve this issue.

thanks Rashmi ! very much appreciated !

Hazhir, here’s what Coursera has asked you to do.

Please try reaching them again on the asked link and they would be happy to resolve your case. Thanks!

Thanks Rashmi for taking care of it I will send and email to them

Hi @Rashmi !

Now, I can inform you that I have access to the specialisation assignments and Coursera Support team resolved the problem.

Also would like to thank your and your colleague at DeepLearning.AI for handling my case in such a short time !


That’s a wonderful news!

Happy Learning!