Can't access programming assignments

I have already subscribed to the deep learning specialization.I am asked to have a subscription when trying to open programming assignments.A lock image is displayed.

I accidentally deleted all files pertaining to ‘Trigger word detection’ assignment of C5W3.Is this the reason behind this issue.How can I fix this?

Please read this link to reset your workspace.

Solution to my problem is not listed in this article.I am asked to subscribe to the course which I have already subscribed.I am denied access to everything related to assignments.All I can see is a lock image.

I was responding to this post:

To address subscription issues, please contact coursera support.

The issue has been resolved. Thanks for your assistance. @balaji.ambresh.

I completed my programming assignment and received certificate. But I wish to revisit and refresh my memory. But the programming assignment showed a lock icon. Can anyone help to unlock the programming assignment?

Hi @Law_ChinLing ,

Your access to the course’s graded assignments is subject to having a valid subscription. You may contact the Coursera Support and explain your situation. They might allow you to download your assignment.

This learner community is mainly focused on course subject matter discussions only.

Sorry, but that’s the way the courses work here: when you finish, they disable your access. So the right thing to do was to download the assignments once you finish them while you are still actively taking the course. This is documented on the DLS FAQ Thread on this topic.

Your only alternative at this point is to do as Kic suggests and see if the Coursera Help folks will be nice to you. No guarantees, though …