C1W2 Unable to Access Assignment

Unable to open or access the optional labs and grade assignments (programming).

I’ve attached the Screenshot of the page I’m getting when tried to access the assignment.

Please do the needful to access the assignment and complete

I’ve also contacted the Coursera support team, but they were not able to solve the issue

Thank you

Hi @Sambari_Manikanta , my only suggestion for you is to try out step 2 here. If it doesn’t help, you need to keep talking to Coursera for suggestions on how to solve it or what other options you have regarding this matter. Coursera manages your account and access, you need to submit your assignment to Coursera to pass the course, and you need to get your certificate from Coursera. You have to go through them.

You are posting the question on course 1 week 2, so if you can access week 1’s lab but not week 2’s, it is likely a device problem and it is worthwhile to try out step 2.

If you are never able to access any lab and still in the first week, then it’s likely that you are still on your trial period and may be eligible for a refund (read the refund policy for conditions).

In any case, If you don’t have access to a device that can open coursera’s lab, then you may want to request for a refund first.

Hey ,Im facing the same problem,unable to view the labs since day 1 and for this course I had taken financial aid which was approved by coursera.Please tell me from where did you the contact support team.Thank you!

Hi @Stuti_Gaonkar, please go to this thread, try step 2 first, or use the link in step 3 to start contacting with coursera.

I’m now able to access the labs, I have successfully completed my W2 Lab Assignment
Thank you @rmwkwok

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It’s wonderful to hear it!

No matter how much I wanted to help learners out who have this problem, it is really something out of my reach. This involves the relationship between learner as an user and Coursera as the service provider, and this involves learners’ own devices. I can’t touch to check their devices, and I don’t work for Coursera.

@Sambari_Manikanta, it’s great that you can continue and I hope this problem will never come back :wink: