Unable to Access the assignment lab of course 3 week 1

I have tried every other options on the forum but it’s still not working. I’m having the same problem with lab of course 1 and 2.


The labs aren’t available if you’re auditing the course,
If you’ve purchased the course and this is happening you might want to contact Coursera Support : https://www.coursera.support/s/learner-help-center-contact-us?language=en_US

Dear Ayush
I had also SAME problem. One suggestion for a similar query was
“Are you able to access from another browser (such as incognito mode) or from another device?”
You might find this useful.
[ below : details of my problem and solution
My normal way of accessing ‘coursera’ is : Bing → Google (coursera) → …
I changed to following: Bing → coursera → …
Now I have no problem. I can access assignment.
The relevant query was from [ @Shantanu1
Thanks to Mentor ( **rmwkwok**MLS Mentor). This might help you.

Thank you @dinesha. This thread has my suggestions for the unable to access problem.

Dear Mentor (@rmwkwok)
Thank you very much.
I could solve my problem using your suggestions.
With best regards

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