I can not access to assignment of week 2(Sequences models)

I can not access to assignment lab of week 2 (sequences models course). I deleted caches and changed browser but can’t access to lab.
How can I solve this problem?
Best regards

Hi @Seyyed_Hossein ,

Your session has timed out. It looks like you have opened the session successfully but left it opened without working on the assignment. You can log out and log in again to open the lab session.

Hi @Kic ,
I log out and log in again, but the lab session is not opened.

Hi @Seyyed_Hossein ,

Could you try clearing the browser history or use a different browser. I have just tried opening week2 assignments, and the system is working fine. If the problem is not resolved, please contact Coursera learner help centre . There is a chat line available for active account holder.

Hi @Kic ,
thank you,
I could solve the problem.
My pc time was wrong, By changing it to automatically, the problem was solved.
With appreciation