Your lab session has timed out!

Please help me! I can not open my assignment due to this error: " Your lab session has timed out", it doesn’t solve with refresh or any other act i know :frowning:

Hi @shima
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If the session has timed out you can do a reopen to continue implement the assignment

Note if the want to get a fresh new assignment and reimplement the code, please doing these steps file → open → select running assignment and doing shutdown and select all file and delete it → after that select help

like this image and choose →


Thanks, but I can not even open the assignment. REOPEN doesn’t work for me.
I have only this page:

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You can try to open the assignment in different browser also you can close this page of the browser and open the assignment from the course, try this a tell me what happened


also you can’t open help ? button on the upper right ?

yeah right, none of the buttons work.
I tried many times with fire fox and chrome and also tried via copy URL, open through course etc. but no difference all of them end to this error again.

Ok, I think that there are an error in coursera platform, also @Mubsi he is better than me in technical specialties within Coursera, He would contact with you and solve this problem Don’t worry @shima

and also feel free to ask any questions,

Thanks in advance Abdelrhaman.

@shima you have the “lab session is timed out” problem because may your computer’s system time is not correct. Please check that also

My pc’s time zone is “(UTC) pacific time (US & Canada)”, which time zone should I select as my Coursera time zone in account setting?

I selected UTC but there was an error that doesn’t match

The Time zone of the country which do you live now in … where do you live now ? if egypt GMT+2

@shima Does the problem solved?


Not yet unfortunately, but I realized this is due to my network connection. I gave my account password to my friend and he could open the assignment without problem, I would change my connection and test it again.

Hello Shima,

Yes, network issue could be one of the possible reasons. Please let us know once you are through.


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Ok …so you have an issue in your pc so try to detect the network or date issue and solve it …and also please feel free to ask any question or help


Hello Rashmi

Many thanks, you were right it was network issue and it solved by changing my internet access.

yes it was due to internet connection. I appreciate your consideration.

I am happy to hear that you solved the problem… you are welcome


Good to hear that you found out the solution!

Keep learning.