Course 2 week 1 assignment

I can’t open the assignment, every time I open it a message appears saying your lab session has time out reopen it, and it keeps appearing for all the assignment and I can’t access them

Hey @huda_kouli,
Welcome to the community. Can you please state the specialization in which you are facing this issue, since you have created this post in the General Discussions. Also, can you please ensure that you have an active subscription of the specialization that you are pursuing.


Deep learning specialization,
and yes I have an active subscription of the specialization

Hey @huda_kouli,
Apologies for the delayed response. It feels like this is an issue from the Coursera’s side. Please check out 17 of this thread. I hope this helps.


I contacted them and they gave me many options to solve the problem but none of it worked, and they told me that this problem is not from coursera site its from the course it self, that I need to contact you here in the community to solve the problem.
will you please help me solve it.
I’m facing the problem at any assignment in the second course of deep learning specialization, (improving deep neural networks)

Some learners told us that they have the “lab session is timed out” problem because their computer’s system time is not correct. Please check that.


it worked, thank you very much :grinning: :grinning: