Unable to access MLS/Course 3/Week 1 Assignment 1 (on K-means algo).
I have got the SAME error message as in the case of above link.
I have paid subscription fee for complete MLS package.
(I got SAME error Message While accessing Course 2/Week 4/Programming Assignment (on Decision Tree). After few days it automatically resolved.).
Thank you
With regards

Hi @dinesha ,

Please contact Coursera to resolve this issue. You can find the Chat line here for faster response.

Dear Mentor( Kic)
Thanks for your suggestion.
In the meantime I read in another question related to same problem a suggestion a mentor ( [rmwkwok] ) asking to try different browser.
My normal way of accessing ‘coursera’ is : Bing – Google (coursera) – …
I changed to following: Bing – coursera – …
Now I can access assignment (and complete it also).
However, if I get again same problem later, I will try your suggestion.
Thank you once again.
With best regards
{The query is from
[ @Shantanu1]
The response is from
[ @rmwkwok]

This thread has my suggestions for the unable to access problem.

Dear Mentor (@rmwkwok)
Thank you very much for your guidance.
I could solve my problem using your suggestions.
With best regards

It is my pleasure, dinesha :slight_smile:

Hi @dinesha

The discussion forums are very useful for finding solutions to problems that other learners have encountered. It is great that you are now able to move forward with your work.