Week 3 & 4 programming assignment and quiz locked

I have availed the Neural Network and deep learning course by financial aid. But, now when I am trying to do the quiz or programming assignment it is asking me to upgrade (purchase a subscription to unlock this item). How can I access these programming assignments and quizzes as they are necessary for the completion of my course and my practice.

(I have already previously completed Week 1 & Week 2 programming assignments and quizzes)

My guess is that you probably completed the Week 2 programming assignment under your “7 day free trial” and that the problem is that your Financial Aid has not gone through yet. No-one listening here can see the status of your account or knows anything about how Financial Aid works: that is all handled through Coursera. Please click the Coursera Help Link (small blue square ? lower right on any of the course pages) and get them to check the configuration of your account.

Thank you, I have contacted the coursera team and they told me that my financial aid period has expired so this was the issue (if it helps anyone).

Thank you for reporting back and sharing what you learned. I was not aware that there were time limits on Financial Aid. Knowing that may well help other students who run into similar issues in the future. It’s also good that you were able to get a timely response from Coursera Support, even if the answer wasn’t what you were hoping to hear.

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I’m getting the same exact behavior. I can’t access assignments for courses that I’ve already completed. Note that my subscription never ended. In fact, I just started a new course this week and have had zero issues in accessing video lectures, quizzes, and assignments. I tried to re-enroll in the courses for which I’m having access issues, and I get the message: “You already completed this course.” Note that I’m paraphrasing on the “course completion” message.

Sorry, the mentors don’t have any special knowledge of how the subscription and financial aid mechanisms work. Our accounts are configured differently, so we can’t try experiments like this. We can only report anecdotal evidence we’ve heard from students. Your best bet for this type of question is to contact the Coursera Help Center (small blue square ? lower right on any course page).

Thanks for the reply. I did try to contact Coursera, and they don’t seem to have a solution. Coursera lets me re-register for the course, which I’ve done, and then it immediately informs me that I’ve already completed the course, but still denies access to the quizzes and assignments. I feel completely disenfranchised!!!

I forgot to mention that I’m only denied access to my courses from DeepLearning.AI. I have complete access to all my completed courses from University of Michigan, Imperial College London, Stanford University, and others. I’ve probably taken 25 Coursera courses over the past year and the only ones I can’t fully access are the ones from DeepLearning.AI

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Sorry to hear that Coursera Help is not able to help in this case. We can try asking the Course Staff, since this seems to be something specific to the DLAI course. I will ping them.

Thank you @paulinpaloalto for bringing our attention to this.

Hi @wmartin,

Can you DM me the email address you use for accessing Coursera ? I shall ask around.


Sure. Can you tell me what DM means?

“DM” is “direct message”: just click the person’s name or avatar and then click the “Message” button. That initiates a private conversation between you and the other person. As opposed to a public thread that everyone can see, like this one.

Ahhhhh. Thanks Paul.

Hi @wmartin,

Can you please confirm if you have access to the assignments now ?

I was told this has been fixed for you.


@Mubsi I have been given access to the assignments until September 15. I don’t fully understand why my access is not a lifetime access, but I’ll go and copy all the files before I lose access again. I have to say, I’m really dissatisfied with Coursera at this point! I would think that once you take a course, the access to the course material should be ongoing.

You are welcome to your opinion and welcome to express your opinion to Coursera, but that is not how things work in any of the paid Coursera courses I am familiar with. They give you access to the lectures and forums in perpetuity for no charge, but once you stop paying you lose access to anything that is behind the paywall. But it is a simple matter to download the assignments to your local machine. Running them on your local machine is not such a simple matter, since it involves exactly duplicating the versions of all the relevant packages, but just downloading them is simple. See the DLS FAQ Thread for a link to the instructions.

Hi Paul,

That’s a good point about duplicating the package versions. But back to the first point. Apparently I’m not making myself clear on the course access issue, and so I’ll try again: I NEVER stopped paying my Coursera membership. My membership has been continuous since I started taking courses on Coursera approximately one year ago. In fact, I registered and completed three new courses in the last month. That’s the point that I’ve been trying to make all along. So it’s 100% false that I have access to the lectures and forums in perpetuity as long as I keep paying!

But you just said you have access to the assignments until September. Do you have access to them or don’t you?

In any case, I can’t help with any of this. Only Mubsi (and generally the DLAI course staff) or Coursera can help.

I finished the class sometime around June of 2021. At some point in time between June of 2021 and July of 2022, my access had been terminated. I only discovered this when I went back to review the assignment for the one-shot algorithm. That’s when I started posting in the discussion forum. I complained so much to Coursera that they said they would give me access until September 15, and then my access would be removed again.

Hello, Bill.

Only reaching out to Coursera, could help you in this regard.

Were you on lifetime subscription? Also, Coursera keeps on updating the materials from time to time, which may ask you to log in every other time, whenever the courses are revised. Also, you can not leave your account unattended for that long, Try to keep it in loop once a while. May be just because you didn’t logged in for a certain period of time, might have led you in this situation.

Just go to Coursera’s community help forum where you may get similar queries that could be of use to you. In case, you don’t find any, then try putting your quest in the forum. Hope, things would get resolved soon.


@Rashmi I have a fully paid membership through my employer that has no end date. I guess you could consider that a lifetime membership. My account was never stagnant for a long period of time. I am logged in to my account several times per week. I have gone to Coursera’s community help forum and have seen stories very similar to mine where learners who once had access now have limited or no access to certain courses.