Unable to access quizzes and assignments

Hi, I am unable to access the quizzes and assignments for the course Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow because the quizzes and assignments are locked. My financial aid application for the course was approved on Sunday, January 15, 2023. I have contacted the Coursera support team for the issues, and they suggest I kindly ask the person who provided me access to the course with a new group so they can provide me with new group access or change my deadlines. Please help, Thank you very much.

The staff have been notified. Please wait for their response.


Thank you for reaching out. We are looking into this matter and will let you know as soon as we can.Is your Coursera account email the same as your community one you are using at the moment?

Thank you very much. My Coursera account email is the same as my community email (limjingbin98@gmail.com). Thank you.

Hello, we have made some adjustments on the Coursera side. Please let us know if this helped.