Query regarding week 1 assignment access

Hello, I got the financial aid for this course 9 months ago, and due to the harsh pandemic and severe personal medical issues I wasn’t able to start the course at that time. Now I have started the course and also completed the lecture part, but when I need to access the assignment it is asking me to buy a subscription (which is not possible for me financially, therefore applied for financial aid).
Please tell me how should I proceed.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry, I don’t know how the financial aid mechanisms work, but it sounds like you probably need to apply again. I remember hearing that the aid is time limited. Or maybe it is because the course is a new version as of April 2021. In either case, you’ll need to contact the Coursera Help Center (small blue square ? lower right on any of the course pages).

Thank you!
If possible could you please share the email id of Coursera Help (so that I can contact via mail) ?

Here’s a link to the Help Center.