Subtitles are not in sync with the video

Hello Team

In the first video of W1 of this course, the subtitles are too fast and not in sync with the audio.

Thank You

Hey @trixie,
Just so that we are on the same page, are you referring to the lecture video “Specialization introduction”, since I just saw the lecture video myself, and the subtitles seem to be in perfect sync with the audio. Let us know the lecture video along with the time-stamps, where you believe that the subtitles are out-of-sync.


Hey @Elemento

Yes, I am referring to the ‘Specialization Introduction’ video only. From 1:00 timestamp, subtitles started running way too fast as compared to the audio and by the timestamp 5:15 subtitles are done and the video is still going on.
Hope this clarifies.


Hey @trixie,
Indeed, you are correct. Thanks a lot for pointing out the synchronisation issue. I will pass this on to the team to get it resolved.



Since the subtitles are automatically generated by Coursera, I had to delete them and request another one. It should be with subtitles within 3 days.