Suggestion : Add environments related info

Hi - while watching Week 1 of this course, it occurred to me that we can add info regarding different environments the teams use for ML model deployment. Apart from shadow, partial and other deployments that were talked in Deployment lecture by Andrew, in many firms they have a DEV environment where they build the code and then QA / STG (stage) environment to get a sign off from firm’s lead after rigorous testing and then finally a PROD (Production) env where the ML model is exposed to end users.
Maybe this gives some sense on how we can make changes to our models in dev env and not effect the models in prod, thereby making sure that our models are not disturbed for the end users.

Hi @Sumanth9
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Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion. I will forward to the team in order to take it into consideration for future improvements of the course.
Thanks a lot