Sunspot activity: Best Model Challenge πŸš€

This post is an invite to, collectively, produce the best possible architecture and tuning for the sunspot activity and share these insights.

In week 4 of the course, we examined how to predict sunspot activity putting everything learned in this course together. Predicting sunspot activity is challenging due to its distinct long-range seasonality and noise intensity. Developing a good prediction model is hence not easy.

Happily, the sunspot activity is an open lab - so we can exchange code freely.

Call for action: Post a summary* of your model architecture and hyperparameters together with your mae on the validation set.
(* or just copy&paste the code from your lab :wink:)

Make a new post with your model, if its below the current best.
The best model and its person is updated regularly in this post.

Let’s all learn from each other! :slight_smile: :nerd_face: :rocket:

*** The current best mae: 14.00 on the validation set ***
by: Laurence :wink:

Nice post, Steffen. :+1:
How about starting with the best MAE you achieved?