Syntax error cannot figure out how to fix

it keeps saying that there is a syntax error with the bracket as indicated after defining the layers.

], name= None

The syntax is correct to the best of my knowledge. Im unsure of why a bracket shouldn’t be there? Thank you

What part of the assignment are you working on?
Just post the name of the function, don’t post your code.

Exercise 5- reconstructing the model with regularization.

Does your previous line of code end with a comma? That would cause a syntax error.

For a Sequential model, you’re defining a list of layers using Python. The list members are separated by commas, and enclosed by square brackets.

If you have a trailing comma before the ending square bracket, that’s a syntax error.

No comma, just the parenthesis after the last layer like the ones above it.

Most likely you’ve got a mismatch in the parenthesis or the number of commas.

that’s exactly what I have. Odd

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I got it ! I forgot the parenthesis at the end of the first two layer entries, right?

Yes, not enough parenthesis.

OK thank you. But now its not running? Im not getting any errors, but it won’t run. Ty

Fitting the model takes a long time to complete. You should see the “Epoch” updates in the cell below that.