Taking the course or not

Hi everybody. I am going to take this course because I need CNN for my research. However, I do not know whether it is a good time to take it or not. I passed Course 1, but not course 2 and 3 in DeepLearningSpecialization. I was wondering if it is necessary to take two previous courses before CNN or not. I know little about TensorFlow since I have gone through half of the Advance learning algorithms. Also, I wanted to know whether we would learn to implement CNNs with TensorFlow in this course.

I recommend you attend Course 2, because that presents the use of TensorFlow. Course 4 assumes you already know about TensorFlow from having completed Course 2.

Yes, Course 4 uses TensorFlow, but it assumes you already know the basics (which you learned in Course 2).

Thanks for the information.