Target data in neural network

I have just started neural network and deeplerning course. I have completed the assignments to create and train the model for image classification. That worked successfully.

I dont understand one thing. Input dataset is images of cat, which will be converted to vectors as input of NN. After all computation I will have predicted output. According to logic predicted output will be matched with target data. I find that the labels are target data. But labels are string (e.g cat), but how this string data can be matched with predicted output (vector) . What is this target data? need to learn in details.

We also convert labels to numbers, for example, 0 for cat and 1 for dog. So, when the model output is 1, we know it means a dog.

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Right! And once we have converted the labels to numeric values, we have the “cross entropy” loss functions for either the binary case (“yes/no” or “cat/not cat”) and the multiclass case (cat, dog, horse, cow, elephant, kangaroo …). The loss function gives you a numeric output that expresses the distance between the current output of your model and the desired (correct) answer for each training sample.

I think we ought to switch to examples that use elephants and kangaroos, instead of cat / not_cat.