Terrible - Juypter Code Outdated

API Key doesn’t work. Code in notebook outdated and not changed.

Waste of time trying to troubleshoot

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Hi @Matt_Samelson

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ll report the issue to the community.

Could you explain a little a bit what issues are you facing of?

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For starters api key not working when notebook run locally. Also errors that particular code in notebook not supported anymore and asking that i uninstall OpenAI and then install a specific version

Oh, OK.

Don’t forget that if you intend to run locally you have to use your own API Key and set up your all project by your own.

That means that you have to download all the packages and it s respective versions.

A plus information.

The short course platform it is on beta stage, that means that all the course it is design to run in conjunction with a specific platform with some computation limited assets. That is why some packages work only in some versions.

For short, the course platform and notebooks wasn’t design to run locally.

Thanks for your reply.

A few things.

I found that one issue was that I wasn’t saving credentials locally in a separate file. So I had to save the syntax to set open.api directly to the string which is my api key.

Another thing is that I was running a Python 3.7 kernel. For langchain.document_loaders to run correctly you need Python 3.11

There are still several things blowing up locally. Issues with the youtube load.

How do I download the employee handbook folder contents?

May just be easier to do this on line but it would be good to be able to have and modify tbe code got practical personal use

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You can download the lesson files by clicking on the Jupyter logo up left.

For example:

I hope this help.

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