Text Embedding + Prompt Engineering Short Couse Launch Date

Hi Deeplearning.ai team,
I have recently compelted the course and have built a few prompt based projects and its been amazing learning experience.

I wanted to know when we can expect the text embedding + prompting course that Isa talked about which is in works ( I assume ).

I am very excited for this as I have gone through lots of resources but I don’t feel I get that level of understanding anywhere compared to this platform.

Hi @abhismishra

Welcome to the community.

Nice job by finish the course!

We have a lot a courses in beta stage right now and as soon as they get approved, we will share the news with you guys.

Stay tune in our official channels. There is a lot a new stuffs coming up this next quarter.

Please, consider subscribe in our Newsletter. The majority of our announcements are publishing there.

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thank you

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