TFX on Google Cloud Vertex Pipelines - Permission Error

Hi, I’m trying to complete the graded app item “TFX on Google Cloud Vertex Pipelines”, when I run the following code cell
!gsutil cp {_trainer_module_file} {MODULE_ROOT}/
it throws the permission denied error

AccessDeniedException: 403 does not have storage.objects.create access to the Google Cloud Storage object. Permission 'storage.objects.create' denied on resource (or it may not exist).```

it turned out that I don't have get request either. Any solution or recommendations?
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I saw this once but can’t reproduce this.

This happens when google cloud storage admin IAM role isn’t assigned to the account. Since you shouldn’t bother tuning IAM roles, please reach out to qwiklabs help to fix the lab.

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I figured this out actually. In this lab particularly, in first few cells, it uses the project id and the region which is not the same as project id and region of the lab hence, we need to configure this manually. If it is not configured, in later cells, it tries to write on the project it doesn’t have write access.

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Thanks for sharing.

There is one place where you have to set the project ID. No other change is required till the step you mentioned as problematic is reached.

I’ll leave it to you to report it to qwiklabs.

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Access Denied Exception error indicate that your Google Resource allocated has been exhausted for the lab. I had this problem and had to request for extra Run-Time from the qwiklabs admin widget on the page.

Good luck.

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