Thank you in advance for CC like you did for 1st short course

Thank you for offering these courses.
I have 20%/0% speech understanding in left right ears (clinically deaf).
I’ve always enjoyed Andrew Ng’s courses and very much appreciate when you can add captions [CC] WebVTT and secondarily Transcript. Live [CC] helps so much.

  • Robert Thompson

Hi rdthompson,

You can click on the button that says ‘TRANSCRIPT’ to read along. I hope that is what you were looking for.

That was fixed that way in the first beta course on ChatGPT for Developers but was finally fixed with WebVTT embedded transcripts.

It’s non-standard and confusing to try and move the eyes between transcript and the video.

WebVTT Closed Captioning that works in the video like in the first course, is greatly appreciated as soon as you have time for the 3 new beta courses. I’m not super in a hurry I just want to complete the courses while they’re available.