Thanks for all your invaluable feedback!

Hi everyone,

I just logged in after the weekend and found a long list of issues that many of you wrote, and I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to find and log all these issues! We’re addressing some right away, but since our content developers are already working on Course 3 right now, we’ve also scheduled three weeks at the start of February solely to implementing your feedback and making improvements to Course 2. So, if you don’t see your issue solved immediately, please don’t think that we’re ignoring your feedback, we will get to every single issue in time! Your efforts here are what help us create high-quality courses :slight_smile:

If you have any general, higher-level feedback, like “you totally missed y, which is really important” or “I don’t understand why I’m learning x”, please let us know about those too :slight_smile: Not all feedback needs to be item-level in GitHub, we’re happy to listen to bigger issues.

Thank you all, very much, again,

Julia Chernushevich
Curriculum Architect, AI4SG Specialization