The Functional API, relu

hi everyone, I tried to use “relu” as it was described at it’s help page … here is screenshot of my error:

Can you tell me which week’s which assignment is this ? And with which ex are you having this trouble with ? Thanks.

Hey, it looks like you’ve not passed the earlier value to the ReLU layer you just created. Doing that should fix your issue

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the second part of the second assignment of first week.
( The Functional API)
I chose wrong title for my question by the way.

I used this line before relu:
z1=tfl.Conv2D(8,(4,4), strides=(1, 1), padding=‘SAME’)(input_img)
I don’t think it be wrong.

Hey, so you can see in this line that you’ve passed the input_img to the Conv2D layer you made right? So in functional API you have to pass the output of last layer to the next layer in the same fashion. As you can see there you have stored the output here in z1. Don’t you think you’ll have to pass it to the ReLU layer you made?