The problem seems to be the source directory, not the part I have coded

After looking closely at my code in cell 4 and cell 14 (the only cells where I have been allowed to insert code), I don’t see how my coding has resulted in the IsA DirectoryErrot error in the later cell, which states “Test your split_data function”. Running that cell produces an error which says that the directory ‘/tmp/PetImages/Cat’ does not exist.

Since I was never asked to write code concerning the source directory /tmp/PetImages/, how can my code be the problem? I am assuming it is a no-no to hard code a reference to the source path /tmp/PetImages/ in either cell 4 or 14?
I am sure I must be wrong, but how?

Hello @Gunnar_Baldwin ,

You can start your assignment a fresh and check these 2 :

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Nilosree Sengupta