The video for "Dense Retrieval" in the "Large Language Models with Semantic Search" is not loading

I was watching it a few hours ago, but it does not seem to be there anymore.

Hi @aaronjuliuskim,

Maybe this was a temporary thing. Iā€™m able to see that lecture.

Can you try now and let me know if it works for you as well ?


Thanks for trying.

I still cannot see it. I asked my son and my wife to try it too. My son cannot see the video either, but my wife can.

Hi @aaronjuliuskim,

Please try a different internet connection and a different computer.

Also, please share a screenshot of what you see.


I tried it from a Mac, a Windows, my iPhone and my iPad, all with same results. My wife is using the same Internet connection as me (different laptop) and it works for her.

It might be issue with the browser. I would suggest u to try in different browsers and incognito as well.

Let us know if the issue still exists.

Incognito mode actually worked. Thanks!


Great, please let us know if you face any additional query.