The Week 3 Practice Lab of Course 1 of Machine Learning Specialization

While the first test of compute_cost function I wrote returns the expected output, 0.693, the subsequent one returns 2.759 instead of the expected output, 0.218, hence the assertionError. Why is this so?

Again the test for compute_cost_reg I wrote returns 0.821 instead of Expected output of 0.661. Please can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Hi @Chisom_Ndukwu ,

The function Compute_cost_reg() calls compute_cost() to return cost without regulation. If your implementation of compute_cost() is incorrect, then it would produce the error as reported.
Please check the comput_cost() against the hints provided, and make sure there is no hard coded value used and that your code follows the formula as exactly.

Hi Kin,

Thank you for your suggestions yesterday; as a result, I passed my assignment with flying colors. Thank you so very much!