There is something wrong with the /work/release/W2A2/ in multiple_test(test_cases, target) function

The value of dw is correct and the type of that is ndarray. But the propagate_test said there is a failure in that. I don’t know what happened. So can you give me some advice?

Hi @XiuyuChen299 ! We have noticed this and I’ll be making an update to this in the next few minutes. Please save your work as a separate copy (with a different name) so that when the assignment updates you have your prior progress with you. Thank you.

As a reminder, next time please also mention which Course the issue belongs to. Thanks.

Hi teacher, maybe I know what happened in the propagate_test function. The function check the type of ‘cost’ and judge whether it is ndarray. But in my code, the cost is a scalar, and this type of value don’t influence on the final result. so I just add np.sum(… , keepdims = True) to set the type of ‘cost’ to ndarray.
Thanks for reply me and have a good day!

I’ve have updated the assignment to cater for this datatype mismatch. It should work now.

You too, have a good day!