There was an error grading your submission. Details: name 'row_echelon_' is not defined

I have just completed C1W2 assignment receiving full marks for ‘row_echelon_form’ and ‘back_substitution’ functions and a pass overall. However, I received the following message for the grade for the ‘gaussian_elimination’ function:

“There was an error grading your submission. Details:
name ‘row_echelon_’ is not defined”

I don’t believe there is any reference to ‘row_echelon_’ anywhere in the code. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


I just tried resubmitting the assignment again without any changes to the code and the grader seems to be happy with the submission now. The error message is not longer displayed.

Glad to hear that your problem is resolved! If you find the cause of the error, feel free to share it here so other learners can see it, too!

This kind of error is usually because of not running all the previous cells

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I’m going to guess you had made some change to the notebook but the auto-save feature had not yet activated - so your first submission of the notebook was using an obsolete copy.

“not running all the cells” doesn’t apply since you were submitting it for grading, and the grader does its own processing of your notebook.

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Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on the matter.

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