Time step layer

Is there a separate layer at each time step or is it just one layer taking inputs at different time steps.

Same layer but different cells.

what do you mean by different cells? How do the cells change at different time steps?

Hey @Usama_Ahmed1,

Can you explain your question more? just to understand what you mean

@Usama_Ahmed1, it will help if you state which week and assignment you’re working on.

I have just started learning about RNNs. The problem is that every lecture i watch they show multiple layers. My question was is there a separate layer for different time step. Also can you define how many hidden layers and output layers does the simplest RNN have?

Course 5 Week 1 presents the RNN as a “cell”, not a simple layer as you might expect from an NN.

Each Cell contains several weight matrices.

The model for an RNN would consist of a number of these cells connect in a sequence. The output from each cell connects to the input of the next cell.

These examples are from the first programming assignment in Course 5 Week 1.

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