Training AI Model with chart images

suppose i have 1000 charts that represent stock prices of companies that whose price has multiplied tenfold over eg 5 years…
Is it theoretically possible to train an AI Model with those images, so that when i will feed it a chart of a random stock , can predict if it will be tenfold?
it looks like a classic supervised learnnig where instead of feeding data i feed images?
Kind regars

To train a model, you will need both positive and negative examples.

So if you have 1000 examples of your “True” class (stocks whose value increased by 10x), you will also need a lot of examples of your “Negative” class (stocks whose value did not increase by 10x).

Note that if population of stocks is highly skewed against your True class, this can cause problems in training the model.

Thanks…yes I’d add negatives too.was just interested in knowing if a model can be trained on charts .I guess it can as it’s being done already with image recognition? Thanks

Training on images is very common.