Transfer learninig with mobilenet v1 data_augmanter

i figured data_augmentation part but the add portion no, the reference are helpless,
I have no clue what to add, the function has no arguments
please help

Hi FViloria,

Can you share the screenshot which part of assignment you do not have clue to what add? So we can address together about how to resolve the issue!!

Is it the first UNQC1?


I am referring to assignment 2 convolution course 4 week2 bellow error screen

thanks for your help

Try using RandomFlip(‘horizontal’), without the square brackets and without the tf.keras.layers.

The square brackets mean you’re creating a list - but that’s not correct inside the add() method.

Perfect that did it
Thank you

I wonder why we did not use a single line code like the one below:
data_augmentation = tf.keras.Sequential([tf.keras.layers.RandomFlip(‘horizontal’),tf.keras.layers.RandomRotation(0.2)])

Try it and see if it works. Please report your results.