Transformer architecture is smarter than you think

Hey Everyone!

On the latest issue of The Batch you can find the incredible latest developments on transformer architecture.

What’s new: Kevin Lu and colleagues at UC Berkeley, Facebook, and Google devised Frozen Pretrained Transformer (FPT). After pretraining a transformer network on language data, they showed that it could perform vision, mathematical, and logical tasks without fine-tuning its core layers.

Why it matters: It appears that similar information structures — in the authors’ term, grammars — pervade the world. Applying representations learned in one domain to another domain may conserve training time and lead to better multimodal models.

We’re thinking: It’s surprising that cross-modal pretraining works this well! Are there underlying statistics, common to many types of sequences, that we don’t yet appreciate?

What do you think comes next? :boom: :exploding_head:

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