Transformer : Grading issue

I passed all the tests and I keep receiving a 0 grade. I tried to restart the kernel, clear every outputs and run all. I still have a 0.

Does anyone know how to fix this or faced the same problem ?

Thanks !

Please post an image showing the error message you get from the grader.

I got this message (in fact I have 6/8 exercises passed but still have 0 which should not be)
I don’t understand the error message because I am pretty sure of my code it is quite straight forward for this part.

If you search the Forum for the word “outd”, you’ll find lots of threads about this error.

Here is one, maybe it will be useful:

Do you get any assertion errors when you run all the cells in the notebook?

You must have “all tests pass” in the notebook before you try to submit it.

That “outd” error can come from either the Decoder test or the Transformer test.