Trigger Word Detection: Exercise 3 Error

Hello, so I won’t post any code just-incase it’s correct, but I’m getting an error stating: “AssertionError: It must insert exactly 50 ones”. This programming assignment is in-fact the last one I have left to do to finish course 5. Have there been any known issues with this code?

I guess it could be that I haven’t properly implemented it, but it seems like I have established a range of 50 in the for loop. Just curious on how I can proceed. Is this an issue with the assignment or is my implementation incorrect?

In range class, start index is inclusive and end index is exclusive. With that in mind, if you followed the hints in the comment below, please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

Update the label vector y. The labels of the 50 output steps strictly after the end of the segment 
    should be set to 1. By strictly we mean that the label of segment_end_y should be 0 while, the
    50 following labels should be ones.