Troubleshoot - cannot run the code in the Jupyter labs

Hi - I started the ML Specialization and am still in my free trial phase.

I just finished course 1 module 2 and need to complete the programming assignment.

I could open all the optional labs and the programming assignment, but I cannot run the code in the Jupyter Notebooks.

I systematically get the following error message:
A connection to the notebook server could not be established. The notebook will continue trying to reconnect. Check your network connection or notebook server configuration.

Could anybody advise?

This could be an IT problem on your side. E.g. some security or A/V software either on your computer/browser or on your LAN may be blocking the connection between the notebook UI and the back end servers.

Some things to try would be to use a different device/browser or to attempt the access from a different network (e.g. a public WiFi at a library or coffee shop).

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Thanks a lot - will try running the code from a different computer/network!