Trying to run Trigger Word Detection in local machine but gives error

Hey guys. Recently, after finishing doing other projects, i got interested in trigger word detection right away. So i do the projects right away and to make sure that i understand each part, i train myself to code myself. But then i stumble upon this error, which even when i copy paste from coursera to Google Colab, the error wont get out. Is there anyone know what’s going on here? Thanks ahead.

Did you check “backgrounds” are loaded properly ?

In our exercise, it was done by the following code.
activates, negatives, backgrounds = load_raw_audio('./raw_data/')

It should have loaded properly. I checked the length of the background and it’s the same as the assignment.

Oh u know what, there’s some line of code that is not in order. Thanks for your help to remind me! Silly me!