Typo in L2_research_write_article notebook?

In L2_research_write_article notebook which introduces the multi-line strings with single quotes (preferred over triple quotes as it states due to additional newlines otherwise), it does not mention including it in parentheses ‘()’. Otherwise one would get an error of

IndentationError: unexpected indent

on the second line. Also to have a value of a variable in braces ‘{}’, one needs to precede the string with f, otherwise it will have the variable name with braces around in the string rather than the variable’s value as expected.

So the current notebook states something like:

topic = "AI"
description = "this is some description "
                       " for {topic}"

which is incorrect and should rather be

topic = "AI"
description = (
                        "This is some description "
                        f" for {topic}"

or am I missing something?

I guess both of these seem to be requirements of base Python. I’m unsure whether crewai added flexibility so neither of these is required. It seems to be working in crewai without parentheses or the ‘f’ prefix…