Typo in machine translation assignment?

Hi I think the attention weight should be written as $\alpha^{…}$ instead of $a^{…}$?

This is the corresponding line in the assignment:
β€œπ‘’βŸ¨π‘‘,π‘‘β€²βŸ© is then used when computing the attention π‘ŽβŸ¨π‘‘,π‘‘β€²βŸ© that π‘¦βŸ¨π‘‘βŸ© should pay to π‘ŽβŸ¨π‘‘β€²βŸ©.”

Hi @Yu_Hou,

Thank you for this. I shall take a look. Can you tell me which week’s assignment is this ?

Thank you,

Hi It’s the β€œneural machine translation” assignment from week 3. I think the attention weight should be π›ΌβŸ¨π‘‘,π‘‘β€²βŸ© instead of π‘ŽβŸ¨π‘‘,π‘‘β€²βŸ©, a small typo