U-Net — all tests passed with grade 66/100


For the Image Segmentation with U-Net assignment I have passed all the tests and got reasonable outputs. But the grader gives 66/100 and says “Code Cell UNQ_C3: Function ‘unet_model’ is incorrect”. Could anyone tell what is wrong with my code implementation?

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Are you still having an issue with this exercise?

Be sure you specify the number of filters in every conv_block() and upsampling_block().

I’ve got the same problem. I checked the number of filters in all blocks. Used double in conv_blocks and half in upsampling blocks. My code seems correct and I passed all tests, but still got 66/100.

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most probably inside the u-net function you put an actual number instead of the variable filter_num which you have to multiply or divide step-wise based on whether you are expanding or contracting the tensor


Yes, this was my fault, thank you @TMosh, @jgeng