Unable to install Tensorflow-rocm for Good AMD ROCm Setup

I have a good ROCm setup on my AMD Ryzen 7 4800H CPU with Radeon 5600M GPU running on Red Hat Linux 9. My system RAM is 32GB and my video RAM is 6GB. I use rocminfo to see a good install, then rocm-clinfo to see a good install of rocm opencl.

I can get OpenCL to use my GPU for machine learning just fine with the pyopencl python module; so my GPU works fine. The problem is that I have to use pyopencl to create opencl compilers to process my machine learning python code then send to the GPU. Tensorflow doesn’t support opencl, but does support ROCm, The only problem I have is that tensorflow-rocm refuses to see my GPUs no matter what I do!

Either I have to find a way to get tensorflow-rocm to work or I have to code all of my machine learning algorithms without using frameworks like tensorflow or pytorch (BTW - PyTorch doesn’t work either).

Please help, Anybody!

BTW - Pytorch sees my GPUs just fine but when I try to process any tensors I get a segmentation fault error!