Unable to see the notebooks

The course from unstructured.io has notebooks that don’t seem to be loading for me. Only the videos work. Anybody else experience this?

I had the same problem yesterday on a different short course.
After I waited and reloaded the page, and maybe I watched one of the videos, it worked correctly.

Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, it’s still not loading for me.

@Mubsi, can you investigate this? The Short Courses seem reluctant to display the notebook next to the video. I’ve noticed this for some time.

Thanks, @TMosh . I’ll have this investigated.

@TMosh, what short course were you trying ?

Hi @leo1452,

I have been told that this issue has been fixed. Please try again and let me know.


I believe it was “AI Agents in LangGraph”, Lesson 6 “Essay Writer”.