Unable to use langChain

Why i am unable to use below code as it is showing error of package subpath is not defined by exports

please help me to resolve it , and i have checked in my nodemodules , these three class or folder are also not present in langchain folder

const ChatOpenAI = require(“langchain/chat_models/ChatOpenAI”);

const ConversationChain = require(“langchain/chains/ConversationChain”);

const ConversationBufferMemory = require(“langchain/memory/ConversationBufferMemory”);

Hi @isFardeen ,
Please post your queries in the right space.

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Please move your thread to the forum for that course.
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Hi @Arif_Hassan , I am sorry , i was not aware of it. Thanks

Hi @TMosh Thank You So Much, Sorry for this mistake. Have changed to another space.