Understanding Hallucinations: some limits

I’m guessing there’s no real data about Hallucinations. But I noticed that artwork doesn’t inspire the model to hallucinate.

prompt = f"“”
Tell me about Ultrassuave, the book from Dan Brown.

The answer I got was:
I’m sorry, but there is no book called “Ultrassuave” written by Dan Brown. Dan Brown is a renowned American author known for his popular novels such as “The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels & Demons,” and “Inferno,” among others. If you have any questions about his actual works, I would be happy to help.

I tried with a author deceased before 2021 and then this one. Found it curious that the model didn’t even considered the book could have been written after 2021.

Any idea why the pretentious knowledge of literature, when compared to dental products?


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The training sets for most LLM’s were created in 2021 or before.

After 2021, there became a lot of concerns about intellectual property and copyrighted works being used in training sets without permission.

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But are tons of documents free of copyrighted works…tons of teacher docs, and also every year tons of books, music records, films…are left open and free as they have reached the law limit. ( ex: music records copyright last 50 years i think…so this year all music from 1974 is going to be free of rights=