Understanding Last Lambda layer

Hi everyone!

I have begin the course in the Sequence Models course, which I believe is this one!

I have a question regarding the last Lambda layer and why we are multiplying sometimes for 100 and others for 400 (when using convolutions)?

Can anybody explain to me the mathematical reason behind this?
Thank you

Please move this topic to the right subcategory. Here’s the community user guide to get started.

See this post for details on using the final lambda layer.

Which part of DLS Course 5 are you working on? Please give the week and assignment numbers.


The snippet belongs to tensorflow developer specialization. Please let the learner change the subcategory information of their topic. They have access to the community user guide.

Thanks for the tip. I asked because DLS C5 is called “Sequence Models”. So the names are the same as mentioned in the OP.