Understanding notation

This isn’t specifically related to COurse 4 but I couldn’t find a better category so I’m asking here.
I’m reading a paper, “Multispectral Fusion Approach for Traffic Target
Detection in Bad Weather”, Yajing Han and Dean Hu. I’m having trouble understand this representation they’ve used:
“In order to reduce the number of weights, we adjusted the dimensions of ResNet-34 and ResNet-50 as shown in table 1.”

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 9.23.24 AM

What does this notation represent exactly? 32 filters of 3x3 size, and 3 such conv blocks?

Hi BurntCalcium,

This notation is similar to that used in the original paper which you can find here. There, the architecture is also depicted so you can understand the relation of a table such as this to the configuration of the network - which is in line with your understanding.