Uniform Distribution - CDF

Dear Mentor,

Could you please guide me the following issue?

The value of CDF between the interval 0<= x < 1 should be according to the area of PDF from the interval x=0 to x, that is (x-0)(1).

May i know why the value of it as shown in the lecture is (x-0)/1 ?

Thank you.

Were you able to find an answer to your question?

Dear Mr Tom Mosher,

I think that the area of rectangle should be width X height, that is (x-0)(1).
It is not (x-0)/1 as shown in the lecture.

Thank you.

It comes from this image on the previous slide:

He’s just invented an equation that linearly interpolates between 0 and 1 as x moves from a to b.

If x = a, then the equation simplifies to 0 / (b-a) = 0
If x = b, then the equation simplifies to (b-a) / (b-a) = 1.