Unq_c10( unique cell identifier)

I defined the hyperparameter as:

hyper_param_1 = list(hyperparam.values())

and then I generated the tuples as:

combination_1_of_t = itertools.product(*hyper_param_1)

When I submitted the assignment, the grader did not grade but sent the following error message:

Cell #35. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: NameError(“name ‘hyper_param_1’ is not defined”,)

I can not figure out the problem, please advise.


The issue will be fixed. Thank you.

Can you please tell me when it will be fixed. Because of the problem my assignment is overdue.

I will appreciate if you fix the issue ASAP.


Yes, obviously. Thank you.

Hi shamim,

can you confirm whether you wrote hyper_param_1 and combination_1_of_t, respectively? Or is it a typo. I’ve checked the assignment and the names should be hyper_param_l and combination_l_of_t, respectively.

@sivanola It still should be run.

@me_sajied it depends on the typo and where (if) occurred. For instance, it wouldn’t run in the below case or some other combination of l and 1.
hyper_param_l = list(hyperparam.values())
combination_l_of_t = itertools.product(*hyper_param_1)

@sivanola Yes. But you can see he wrote 1 in both variable. That is why I said it should run

Thanks, it was helpful. I got the assignment completed.

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