# UNQ_C6 Incorrect data

I use for make risk group fucntion
pd.qcut(…, 10, labels=False)

Hi @Mikolay_Kostiuk,

The problem is that you are using another pandas function. Check the hints cell in the notebook and compare the proposed function with the one you are using.

The change should fix the error.

If you need more info I’m here to help you.
Best regards.

I dont see any hints.
this is my code

(Solution code removed, as posting it publicly is against the honour code of this community, regardless if it is correct or not)

It work but dont look good

Hi @Mikolay_Kostiuk ,

Welcome to the community.

Let me give you the hint for this. For mean by risk group try using groupby function to group the risk group. There isn’t only this much you have to add to it. The answer is in the variable name which you are trying to find.

If still you didn’t get. Do let me know we will explore other way. Do like if you got the solution and understood what to do.

Harsh Der