UNQ_C8 treated and untreated filtering handled incorrectly?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but for this dataset I thought that treated patients have a label of 1 and untreated patients have a label of 0.

Why then is the expected output of this function 0.6?

To get this output, untreated samples have to be filtered with x[2] == 1 (the treated patient label) and treated samples have to be filtered with x[2] == 0 (the untreated label).

Shouldn’t we be filtering the untreated samples with x[2] == 0 and treated samples with x[2] == 1?

If I do it this way, which seems like the correct way, then the output of the test function is actually 0.4 instead of 0.6.

Please advise

What you are thinking is right. And it is okay if your expected output has a little change. your assignment will have the marks.


I have the same question : I get to an output of 0.6 instead of the expected 0.4.

As a result the unit test is not passing (because Wrong output, makes sense), and the evaluation of Logistic Regression further down is 0.4588 instead of the expected 0.5412.

The grader also says Code Cell UNQ_C8: Function 'c_statistic' is incorrect. Check implementation. and the point is not given.

The answer given here does not sound right, and there is a real issue in the way I’ve implemented my code, but I can’t see it…

Could you maybe help shed some light on this @Mubsi ?

I identified my mistake thanks to @Mubsi. c_for_benefit is built to take as argument:

pairs (list of tuples): each element of the list is a tuple of individuals, the first from the control arm and the second from the treatment arm."

and I was doing the opposite when building pairs at the end of c_statistic:person_facepalming:

P.S.: my previous post has a typo and should read:

I get to an output of 0.4 instead of the expected 0.6.


Same issue here. I’m getting 0.4 not 0.6.

Hi @neurofire80,

How have you zipped the tuples, the order matters, if you have zipped in different order then it have shown wrong output. While filtering the tuples your use as x[2] == 0 for untreated patients and x[2] == 1 for treated patients is only true if you have zipped it correctly. Provide me your order of zipping pred_rr, y, w. There might be the problem present.

Harsh Der.